I absolutely love family photography! While each session and family is different, I go into them all with the same goal– I make sure I capture the unique energy, personality, and affection of each family so I can provide authentic, engaging pictures and a fun and memorable experience!

I get to meet so many amazing people, this really is the best job in the world! I get to create art and preserve memories for a living!? I sometimes still can't believe it! I understand that not everyone LOVES to have their picture taken (ahem... dads mostly... but not always!) I take pride in proving a fun and relaxed experience, I believe it is just as important as the final images. I believe this is why I have so many families I see year after year, and the number of holiday cards I receive from clients... more like friends... grows every year as well, and that just makes me so happy. It's my job to capture special moments, and sometimes rare moments, that you will treasure forever.

There are so many beautiful locations in and around Maryland, I really am lucky to have so many unique and gorgeous backdrops in nature, right around the corner. Whether you’re interested in doing a fun session at one of the Bay beaches in the area or prefer a lake view with trees and flowers all around. I have photographed families in their homes for a special uniqueness and I always am happy to accommodate the style preferences my clients are looking for – be it more traditional, posed images or strictly candid, playful pictures or of course a mix! I try to provide some relaxed direction and work with your family to make sure everyone feels comfortable, and are able to give "authentic to your family", expressions.

I truly appreciate you, and am excited to work with you and your family, to capture and create beautiful moments and turn them into everlasting memories.